Xana Z Series

Compact Strip Pouch Packaging
Available in three configurations to fit any location

Which size will work for you?

Get the increased compliance, enhanced workflow, and safety of an automated pouch packaging system in a compact modular design to suit any space.

The Xana Z-Series is the latest in our line of automated strip pouch packagers, designed around the evolving needs of facilities. Compact, fast and accurate, the Z-Series is available in three configurations to meet the production and space requirements of nearly any location.
Choose from the one hundred cassette Z-100, the fifty cassette Z-50, or the tray only Z. Each offers our unique space-saving slide out cabinet design, predictive medication forecasting to minimize operational disruption, and redesigned cabinets for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Xana Z Series Compact strip pouch packager


Xana - precise dispensing

Precise dispensing and Packaging with the exclusive "Intelligent Feeder" system

Xana Z - Built to last

Built to last - Best in class build quality, service and support

Xana - precise dispensing

In-Line printing - Include any patient data, even a photo ID, all clearly printed on the pouch

Xana - precise dispensing

Proprietary OAK Software with an easy to use, touch-screen management system

Xana - precise dispensing

Built-in LED guided tray laoding system, expandable to hold 50 or 100 encoded cassettes

Xana - precise dispensing

Patented "Anti-Bounce" materials ensure proper pill delivery

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