Medication Detection Machine
High Speed Medication Detection with Sorter

The Complete Package

State-of-the-art, high speed detection with an attached sorter means you can spend less time handling your pouches, and more time with your clients.

Using patented technology, the MDM series of medication detection machines checks each pouch visually against a custom library built using your own formulary. Pouches are imaged and verified using high speed cameras, making sure that the right pills are going to the right patient. Any anomalies are flagged to be checked by a pharmacist to verify, drastically reducing the amount of time your pharmacists spend handling and going over the medications.

In addition to high-speed detection, the MDM 3 medication detection machine also offers built in winding and unwinding of pouch rolls, with user defined batch cutting. Automatically, cut, roll, and tape pouch strips per patient or facility according to your needs.

MDM 3 Medication Detection Machine


MDM3 - Separator

Combines checking, cutting, and sorting into one incredibly efficient unit

MDM3 - Winder

Automatically rolls and sorts, separating flagged pouches for easy checking by a pharmacist

MDM3 - speed and reliability

The fastest, most reliable, and most efficient Medication Detection system available

See the MDM 3 in action

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