Medication Detection Machine
Fast and reliable detection in a compact unit

How much of your work hours are spent checking medications?

A Medication Detection Machine can save you time and money by significantly reducing the number of pill pouches you need to check.

The MDM 1 has a compact footprint, fitting nicely on a counter top or table, and offering an affordable detection solution for your pharmacy.

Using patented technology, the MDM series of medication detection machines checks each pouch visually against a custom library built using your own formulary. Pouches are imaged and verified using high speed cameras, making sure that the right pills are going to the right patient. Any anomalies are flagged to be checked by a pharmacist to verify, drastically reducing the amount of time your pharmacists spend handling and going over the medications.

MDM 1 Medication Detection Machine


MDM 1 - speed

Image and verify up to 48 pouches per minute

MDM 1 - web interface

View operational information and build reports remotely via a handy web interface

MDM 1 - facility

Suitable for smaller pharmacies, hospitals, and care facilities

See the MDM 1 in action

Check, verify, and clear flagged pouches remotely by adding the MDC Medication Detection Check-Out software and a Repair Station.

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